Safe Flight System™ 

The Aircraft Safe Flight System™ is an aircraft verification system that pairs the pilot ground station with the aircraft completing a communications circuit between the pilot and his aircraft to; (1) provide course correcting in-flight maneuvers in No-Fly Zone emergency flight situations and or (2) disables and suspends the flight of the aircraft forces an emergency landing or (3) programs a direct flight to the nearest Police, Airport or authorities station where the aircraft can be managed.

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Flight Classes



Fixed Wing




Restricted Airspace Sectors

Digital Wall 

The Safe Flight System™ No-Fly Zone Encryption Software allows a national director the ability to cordon-off areas of national interest and security, airports, military bases, hospitals, utility service centers, i.e. power stations, water reservoirs, schools and all other important and critical locations. Additionally, the Safe Flight System™ is used by states and local municipalities to protect areas critical state and local facilities and public gatherings.By using the (SFSS) Safe Flight System™ Software, authorities create a digital encrypted wall that is connected and closed off on all sides creating a defensive digital perimeter that is a safe zone stopping any UAV-UAS-RPS certified with the SFSS from entering the designated No-Fly airspace. 

When approaching an established Digital Wall© an Alarm is activated on the pilot’s ground station controller displaying the distance to the obstruction based on the current flight heading. In the event there is no action taken by the pilot, the UAV takes the following course of action; (1) maneuvers around the No-Fly Zone’s encrypted Digital Wall©, (2) is flown by the programmed auto-pilot back to its location of launch, and or (3) is directed by the programmed auto-pilot to land at a designated authorities location. 

Controller Flight Parameters 

The pilot ground station Safe Flight System™ is a ground station verification system that pairs with the aircraft to complete a communications circuit between the pilot and his aircraft. The Safe Flight System™ software for the ground station is programed to help manage the flight of the aircraft around No-Fly Zones and is the first failsafe layer of Safe Flight System™ redundant systems. The SFS provides the pilot with; (1) in-flight course

correction alarms of flight path No-Fly Zones, (2) actionable active home base return commands, (3) suspended in flight emergency landing locator beacon, (4) energy use range return indicator and alarm, and (5) pilot Low Level Flight Training system.  


• Flight Station National Identification         • Home Base Return Command 

• Station to Aircraft Pairing                           • Energy Usage Indicator

• No-Fly Zone Alarm                                       Grounded Aircraft Locator                               

• Pilot Flight Training


Communication Systems 

Through UAVSA’s research Lab program with the Tesla Foundation Group, UAVSA will benefit from the development of native and new technology releases of GPS, Wifi open circuits, telephony, open radio frequencies and all other communication technologies available that can be used for navigation and stability of UAV’s. The premise of the UAV Project is to begin conducting research to provide a bench mark for the integration of a redundant communication system for Small UAV’s, and further define a telephony based electronic Sim Card methodology for the identification of both aircraft and ground station. Another goal is to establish a practical method for the electronic deployment of a Digital Wall© using current GPS and other technologies.      

Registration of UAV pilots, UAV aircraft and flight system manufacturers is accomplished through the “Freedom of Flight” section of UAVSA’s website The Freedom of Flight section is a social network of sorts where pilot owners, manufacturers, vendors, industry service providers and visitors sign in at no cost to become a Freedom of Flight network member. They also register their aircraft and receive their free UAVSA temporary “Identification Number”. Upon completing the UAVSA membership, each member will receive monthly updates from and information about “Protecting Our National Freedom of Flight” rights and other important information of owning, operating and flying UAV’s. Additionally, manufacturers, 

vendors and industry service providers will be provided special access to the Manufacturer’s “Flight Ready UAV Certification Programs”, “System Communication Protocols” and other important flight worthiness and operations information. In addition to these important programs and other information, UAVSA is creating for deployment by December 2015 a complete Pilot Flight Training School with hours of pre-flight, flight and post flight information and videos that will help a beginner become a better pilot.  

 Seen here, is a typical UAVSA Freedom of Flight member’s profile page where members can opt-in to have other pilots, manufacturers, vendors and service providers view their data. The member can upload favorite images and videos, create messages and many other interactive social communications with other members.

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