FSANA 333 Exemption Assistance 

UAVSA’s multiple Part FSANA 333 Exemption Services program is designed to assist all FSANA members in understanding, participating in, and applying for and receiving a 333 Exemption for the authorized flight of a member’s UAS, Drone in the NAS, National Air Space. Since the process involved in applying and filing for a 333 Exemption can be complicated and laborious, UAVSA provides to FSANA Members a 333 application service assistance program to help them get the hard work done efficiently and affordably. UAVSA is working for FSANA members by providing assistance for the authoring, editing and completion of specific documents and forms needed to submit through the UAVSA or Tesla Foundation’s retained aviation law firm or submit through a law firm of their choice. Simply sign up and follow the step by step directions of each zone to complete your 333 Exemption application and let UAVSA do the rest on your behalf. 

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Step 1: Information Input  

 UAVSA members have the power to complete your 333 Exemption application by following the questions in the information input part of the UAVSA application. If you have a question send an email to the 333 Support Staff. If you need to speak to a 333 Support Staff Specialist, just call UAVSA at 310-467-1193

Step 2 UAS-Drone Information 

 As an important part of your 333 Exemption you will be required to provide vehicle information related to the subject matter of your exemption. UAVSA will ask you to complete a separate document to apply for a Drone (SIN) Serial Identification Number and to complete your “N” Number Registration with the FAA.

Step 3 Research and Understand

  There are several FAA documents and guides that you, (the applicant) will be required to know and understand. UAVSA’s 333 Exemption Assistance program will guide you through FAA forms, documents and circulars providing you with an explanation of their meaning or purpose. 

Step 4 Review All Documentation

 Once you have completed all of the documents, forms and other important information required by the FAA, UAVSA’s 333 Exemption Review Staff will carefully review all information pertaining to your application. If you have completed your 333 Exemption documention on your own our staff of exemption specialist is available to review all of your work and provide you with direction if needed.

Step 5 Submission and Status

  Time is of the essence from start to finish for your 333 Exemption application. UAVSA 333 Exemption assistance team can complete some or all of your 333 Exemption and review it with you.  The application process and filing should be completed quickly by the applicant and the UAVSA assistance team. Currently the FAA’s review and approval process is 90 – 150 days depending on the complexity of the application.

 Step 6 Approval or Return

 Once you have received directly from the FAA your 333 Exemption Approval Letter you may use this letter as your final approval to fly your Drone in the COA approved for its operation. If you have not received approval for your exemption, the FAA will ask you to provide them with missing documents or information. It is not tragic, the FAA requires more information to complete your 333 Exemption application. FAA review time should be less than 90 days in most cases.

Need Insurance?  

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Additional Support Products

The UAVSA Team has created a few additional 333 support documents to better assist you. 

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